Douglas Spencer (dougs) wrote,
Douglas Spencer

My movements over Christmas

For ease of reference...

Tue 18th: last day of work.
Wed 19th, daytime: Christmas shopping.
Wed 19th, evening: ZZ9 pub meeting.
Thu 20th, afternoon: Blair's memorial service.
Thu 20th, evening: The Christmas Tun.
Fri 21st: Christmas shopping.
Sat 22nd, daytime: Christmas shopping.
Sat 22nd, evening: Rehearsal for Sunday evening.
Sun 23rd, morning: Church.
Sun 23rd. evening: Church again. Carol service.
Sun 23rd, late evening: to Beaconsfield with julia_winolj.
Mon 24th: still with Julia.
Tue 25th: With Julia to her brother's house with the rest of her family.
Wed 26th, daytime: Still with Julia.
Wed 26th, evening: Back home. On my own. *sigh*
Thu 27th: wait in at home for a visit from the NTL Virgin Media engineer.
Thu 27th, evening: Watch cable telly.
Fri 28th, morning: Drive to Julia's house in Sheffield.
Fri 28th, evening: Hogswatch celebrations with sheffield_sf.
Sat-Mon 29th-31st: With Julia in Sheffield.
Mon 31st, evening: QNI with select guests in Sheffield.
Tue 1st: sleep. Roll over. Sleep some more.
Wed 2nd: Drive home. Alone. *sigh*
Thu 3rd, daytime: Possible followup visit to accountant's offices further to last week's installation.
Thu 3rd, evening: The Tun.
Fri 4th: Julia arrives at my house. Bundle her into the car and go to Mother's.
Fri-Mon 4th-7th: At Mother's with Julia.
Mon 7th: drive home with Julia, send Julia back to Sheffield. Alone again. *sigh*
Tue 8th: Alternative date for followup visit to accountant's offices further to last week's installation.

Erm. That's probably enough to be getting on with.

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