Douglas Spencer (dougs) wrote,
Douglas Spencer

My BT landline, again

So I reported a fault to BT yesterday -- no dial tone, and when the phone rang and I answered, it continued to ring. The same handset was fine on the adjacent NTL/Virgin line.

Today they reported to me that the fault was now fixed. However I wasn't at home, so I took them at their word and thanked them.

Tonight I got home, plugged the handset into the BT line chwrrshccch and I do kchchrrk get a dial tone shcrrwrhkh and when the kkxfrrch phone rings ffthrprrpprth and I answer schrkzzkrpp the damn thing chrkghhhshrr what? ecchecchhlssqrzz Hello? chrrshh Oh bother *click*

Engineer booked to visit on the morning of December 27th. Oh, look, that's the same time as the NTL/Virgin engineer.

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