Douglas Spencer (dougs) wrote,
Douglas Spencer

Yet another summary post

What I've been doing since the last summary:

On Tuesday I had the last-day-of-support at the Accountant's Offices after their new systems went in a week and a half earlier. Things have settled down very nicely, but there are still a couple of loose ends. The users are happy, by and large -- and the partners, particularly the managing partner, are very happy.

I gave them the invoice for my time over the course of the installation.

Wednesday morning I toddled off into Bracknell and pottered around the shops. In the afternoon I went to London for more of the same, finishing up at the ZZ9 monthly pub meeting. The jukebox was playing too loudly and conversation was impossible, so I went to the bar and asked them to turn it down. They turned it down. I resumed my seat. They turned it up again. I went to the bar and asked them to turn it down once more, which they did. I resumed my seat. They turned it up again. I took my pint back to the bar and demanded a refund... I talked to the licensee, and they turned the music down and this time it stayed turned down. This shouldn't have been necessary. Hmph.

There are plans afoot to change venues -- from February we're in a different pub.

Thursday morning I popped back into the accountants for fifteen minutes, to upgrade the practice management software on one laptop that had been out of the office the preceding week

In the afternoon I was at the first leg of Blair's funeral in Fleet. He'll have been flown back to Scotland the following day, and his family will be at the second leg of the funeral on the morning of Christmas Eve in Grangemouth. There are plans to do something with the ashes on the Friday between Christmas and New Year. I hope none of them find their Christmas too grim.

Thursday evening I was back in London, at the Christmas Tun. Alcohol was consumed, Old Toot was talked, it was good. Much better than Wednesday.

Yesterday and today I've continued to potter round shops, and I think I've got everything I wanted to get. Including boots, a helmet and a whip for one particular young lady (not Julia) -- I don't understand these young people but apparently it's just what she wants. Tally ho.

This evening I've been to Church for a final rehearsal for tomorrow evening's service, and now I'm at home with a curry.

Tomorrow it's conceivable I may be seen at a shop again. Church at 18:30 (setup from 17:00), and after that it's off to Julia's father's house for the start of three days with Julia and her family.

After tomorrow afternoon I'll only be online only very sporadically, and then only on a browser without a functioning Flash player, until Wednesday night. So my various Scrabulous opponents will have to put up with a three-day hiatus in our games. My apologies.

I hope you all enjoy whatever you're doing over the next several days, whatever your reasons for doing it -- and if you've been doing it already, I trust you've enjoyed it thus far. If the greeting fits well with your tradition, a very merry Christmas to you all.

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