Douglas Spencer (dougs) wrote,
Douglas Spencer

Another roundup

See what it's like when I don't have time to post daily.

As you'll recall, I went off to Julia's father's house on Sunday evening. Monday, Christmas Eve, was a day spent pottering about the house getting things ready, doing random acts of grocery shopping, and cooking a big piece of ham. On Christmas Day itself, very early, I got my first and best present[1]. A little later the three of us traded further presents[2] and then we went to Julia's brother's house for more presents[3], thirteen sitting down to lunch, watching Doctor Who, and a long search for Julia's missing shoe. Boxing day, back at Julia's father's, involved roast lamb and another attempt at the ham. Attempts at shopping were unsuccessful, since the only shop open in Beaconsfield was Costa's café. Julia and I left her father with the remaining ham later in the evening, went to visit another couple of friends, and then separated to head off to our separate homes. I got home at about 21:30 and collapsed into bed.

[1] Two stockings, worn by Julia (wearing very little else) giggling insanely and wrapped inexpertly in a large piece of shiny red paper.
[2] A mug with a picture of a snail on it, a couple of boxes of flake and some flake recipies, and lots of Doctor Who stuff -- the 2007 series box set, a dalek-shaped sweetie tin and a really cool pop-up activity book...
[3] ... and a couple of Torchwood spin-off novels. Oh, and a thing for pouring wine...?

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