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Douglas the incredibly unlikely food writer.

I think that I said before that the stepson has put himself on a diet.
Now when I made the crumble, he gave me a hard time: he likes crumble, but it's not consistent with his diet.
Now I have the choice: I could make something particularly healthy and low in fat, or I could make something to which he's allergic, something which won't tempt him.
So tonight, I have some salmon, lightly poached, with a bit of lemon juice. Mmmmm-mmmm.

Oh dear. Oh the irony.

Healthy food would have been ideal, apparently. Food he can't eat would have been great.
But somehow, when I manage to achieve both goals simultaneously, he thinks it's some kind of cruel joke on my part.

Never mind. I like it.

Should I get a different user icon for food-related posts?

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