Douglas Spencer (dougs) wrote,
Douglas Spencer

Note to self -- Broken website

I've now ordered those disks, and I've then visited the vendor's "contact us" page.

    I've just placed an order with yourselves, and in the process I've set up an account here.

    On the "My Account" page, there's a tick box entitled "Newsletter Settings [ ] I wish to receive occasional info about LambdaTek offers", which is (by default) ticked.

    If I untick this box and then hit the "update" button I get an error message, and when I return to the "My Account" page the box remains ticked.

    I'm quite capable of keeping myself up to date with your offerings by using the "daily deals" RSS feed that you supply. If I receive your newsletter by email, it will be interpreted as spam and I will be deeply unimpressed -- I fight spam for a living.

    Could you please, at your earliest opportunity, ensure that I won't be receiving your newsletter by email -- and then fix your website so that other users can unsubscribe from the email newsletter as you'd obviously intended.

    Many thanks for your help


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