Douglas Spencer (dougs) wrote,
Douglas Spencer

RTA placeholder post and facts-as-I-recall-them

I was involved in a road traffic accident earlier today. I am unhurt.

    RTA 2008/01/29 at approx 16:35 on the A25 near Shere/Gomshall [map].

    I'd been at a client a mile or so further east for the day.

    I'm travelling westwards towards Guildford on the A25 Shere Road at around 40MPH when the other party drives out of Upper Street into my path. Although I brake heavily I'm unable to avoid a collision and I strike the other car on its driver's door and the pillar just behind it.

    Both cars come to rest in the middle of the road. I am unhurt, my engine is still running.

    I stop my engine and remove the key, and I get out of my car.

    I check that the other driver (f, mid-20s, no passengers) is breathing and conscious. She's badly shaken, she has a minor scalp wound, presumably where her head hit her driver's-door window. I reach in through her broken driver's door window and turn off her ignition.

    I phone emergency services on 112, request ambulance and police.

    Whilst in conversation with the ambulance-service operator a passing car stops and an off-duty paramedic "Tracy" gets out. She has brief conversation with the operator and passes the phone back to me. She then gets into the other vehicle via its passenger door and attends to the other driver.

    After the ambulance service rings off, the police phone me (16:38, the earliest moment for which I have a firm timecheck).

    Ambulances in attendance within 10 minutes, police within 15.

    Statement (in line with above, up to the point where I phone 112) given to police.

    Both cars put on lorries and taken to a garage in Dorking.

    The road was shut for about two hours in total.

    Word from the hospital is that the other party has a suspected fractured pelvis.

    At around 18:40, just as the road is being reopened, a passing friend (a director from today's client) offers me a lift to Guildford Station, from where I travel home by train.

It's the worst RTA I've been actually involved in, but it's a long way from being the worst one I've attended.
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