Douglas Spencer (dougs) wrote,
Douglas Spencer

The Weekend

Julia arrived at my house on Thursday evening, the 31st, and there was grilled fish and salad. There were other things too, but mindful of the sensitive nature of my readership we'll gloss over that.

On Friday Julia went visiting friends while I went to install disk upgrades into a server. For those who follow such things, these were four 750GB Seagate ST3750330NS disks, which should have given me one RAID5 volume of 2.25TB, but it transpires that the RAID card maxes out at 2TB so that's what we've got. They seem to be working fine at the moment, I'll be sure to make a note if/when one of them dies.

On Friday evening I arrived at Julia's father's house, where he fed us with chicken and assorted other bits and pieces, which seemed to work quite well. Saturday was his 70th birthday, so he's now got a new kettle, very exciting, and we booked a table for twelve at a nearby eatery.

Escaping our lunch appointment at around 2pm, Julia and I drove up to Sheffield and subsequently to Bradford, where we attended a double-fiftieth birthday for two friends, which you may have attended yourselves or seen written up elsewere on your friendslist. Excellent stuff, lots of food, lots of fun, and tap-water that tasted just a bit dodgy. We abandoned proceedings and stumbled off to bed shortly before midnight, but we understand that some people stayed up until as late as 2am. Goodness.

Sunday morning included hotel breakfast, a hunt for missing keys, and a drive back to Sheffield. We've been out for a curry and now I'm leeching of the neighbour's WIFI while Julia catches up with some of her reading.

Back home tomorrow.

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