Douglas Spencer (dougs) wrote,
Douglas Spencer

Update on the car...

... for those of you who aren't yet up to date:

We left off our narrative at the point where the repair yard lent me a car because mine hadn't been ready for collection when they summoned me there last Wednesday, the 13th.

They called me again the following day at about half-three, and I finally arrived at UK Assistance in Crawley just after five. Workers were all trying hard to leave early, because it was Valentine's day and they had better things to do than to stay in work providing decent customer service until closing time. I returned the loan car, retrieved my own, and set off home through the M25 evening rush-hour, arriving at around 7pm.

On the journey it became evident that the temperature sensor, presumably damaged in the crash, was still broken -- it thought the outside temperature was any one of a range of temperatures variously between about 50 and 80 celcius, clearly quite unlikely in Britain in February. Also the ventilation system insisted on giving me cold air, whatever temperature I asked for on the front panel. This system is also part of the method the car uses to decide if there's a frost, how to adjust the fuel/air mix to accommodate the temperature of the intake, and so on. I'm not happy driving the car in these circumstances.

The garage were long since closed by this point. I phoned the insurers and they thought that the garage might like the opportunity to fix the problem themselves, and suggested that I call the garage in the morning and ask them how they wished to proceed.

On Friday morning I called the garage and talked to Anthony, their QC guy. He said it sounded like a very quick job, but that it wasn't sensible to insist that I bought the car back to them on the wrong side of the M25, and that I should discuss with the insurers whether I could take it to a dealership that was local to me.

I phoned the insurers, who said that they were going to check with their engineer to see whether they needed to inspect the vehicle once more before authorising the next step, and told me that they'd call me back shortly to instruct me how to proceed.

See if you can guess whether they phoned me back.

I drove to Sheffield for the weekend in the hire car.

This morning (Tuesday) I phoned the insurers once more. They've passed my file to the complaints department and they have 48 hours to come back to me. Meanwhile I'm still in the hire car.

Another update later, no doubt.
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