Douglas Spencer (dougs) wrote,
Douglas Spencer

I have my car back

Yesterday my car went back to the original repair yard for them to have another attempt to complete the repair properly.

Today I got a call to tell me my car was ready. I've gone to collect it, and this time they've got it right -- so now I'm back in my own car, which has been fixed properly.


I had complained -- firstly about the fact that both the repair yard (under long-term contract to the insurers) and the insurers themselves had been crap at keeping me informed about what was going on and calling back when I phoned them to chase, and secondly about the fact that I had to do all the phoning around and chasing up, rather than relying on the insurers to do so.

Now I have a letter from my insurers:
    21st February 2008
    Dear Mr Spencer
    I am writing to acknowledge your recent complaint.
    This matter is being taken very seriously and is currently being investigated by $NAME. Immediate attention is being given to this matter and you will hear from us shortly.
    Yours sincerely

So that's good. My insurance is due for renewal in September -- it'll be good to go with an insurer who has satisfied customers.
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