Douglas Spencer (dougs) wrote,
Douglas Spencer

In which I reveal I'm a capitalist, to the surprise of few.

I'm always pleased when Christmas comes round, because Starbucks start selling from their "red menu" which includes Gingerbread Latte. So one of my regular vices over the festive season is a double tall gingerbread latte from the Starbucks hiding in the corner of my local Sainsbury's.

Once Christmas is past, the red menus come down and they stop selling gingerbread latte -- except in a couple of outlets where they've overstocked, where they continue to sell it until it runs out a week or so later.

Except that my local Starbucks is still selling it -- many weeks after the close of the season. I've tried elsewhere, and nowhere else can I find a Starbucks that still has gingerbread latte in stock.

Until today. I've come into the Starbucks on Islington High Street, opposite the antiques place... and they're still doing gingerbread lattes.


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