Douglas Spencer (dougs) wrote,
Douglas Spencer

Seven Quirks

I have been tagged [FL] as follows:
    (a) List seven of your habits/quirks or seven facts about yourself.
    (b) Tag seven people to do the same.
    (c) Do not tag the person who tagged you or say you tag 'whoever wants to do it.'
Last time I did something similar the post was entitled "Weird Habits" and they were five in number. These differ from those.

  • I'm currently looking forward to the 6th of August 2010, when my age in days will reach a power of two, something it last did on the 2nd of March 1988. My age in seconds last reached a power of two in the late afternoon on the 6th of October 1999 and will do so again in the early morning on the 15th of October 2033, which seems like a jolly long time to have to wait.

  • I own far too many computers, and they run quite a variety of operating systems -- I have one running MacOs 8.6 or 9.22 depending on how I boot it, one running OS X, and several which run either Linux or Windows, at least a few of which dual-boot. One machine dual-boots Linux and Windows mobile, although the Linux installation is a bit short of drivers (perhaps I should download a more recent version) and the unit currently doesn't have a valid SIM card.

  • At least one room in my house (the actual count is open to debate) is so full of stuff that it's not practical to use it for any other purpose. Periodically I say to myself that it really is time to declutter, but the conversation rarely translates into action of any kind.

  • I have two knackered knees, two knackered elbows, two knackered wrists... but only one of my shoulders is knackered, and both ankles and both hips seem to be working okay.

  • I don't eat fresh tomato. A sauce with tomato in it is fine (ketchup, bolognaise) but I can't eat large lumps of tomato flesh.

  • I was born in a bunglalow just outside Cambridge. For much of the preceding nine months my mother was living in a caravan in the garden, while the house was being built -- there was some doubt about whether it would be completed in time for her to move in before I arrived. Yesterday I was at a meeting nearby, and I popped round to take a photo of the house.

  • At least part of the reason why I went round to take that photo was connected to issues related to this post.

  • I have a bonus quirk, as described in the last similar post -- I subvert instructions such as (c), above. Lunch today featured pie (mmm, pie). If you're reading this and you've eaten (or are going to eat) pie today, then you're tagged.

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