Douglas Spencer (dougs) wrote,
Douglas Spencer

Elections in Henley-on-Thames...

I've just got home from that meeting in Henley-on-Thames...

So I've been elected and installed into the third principal's chair in my mother chapter, for the second time -- the first time was in May 2002. On that occasion, I proceeded to spend a year as J and a year as H, and then I stood down because at the time of the elections it seemed likely that I'd be moving to the USA.

This time round, if everything goes to plan I have a year in the chair of J (third principal), a year in the chair of H (second principal), and then in May 2010 I'll get installed in the chair of MEZ (first principal), putting me in charge of the chapter -- and in receipt of the highest honour a private chapter can confer.

Still no word on what's going to happen with that other election, which might well leave a vacancy for the post of MP for Henley.

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