Douglas Spencer (dougs) wrote,
Douglas Spencer

Eurovision liveblogging

Notes while watching the second semi-final.

20:12 -- is it my imagination, or does the Swedish girl have an invisible giant bulldog clip at the back of her head? Or is it just a startlingly unsubtle facelift?

20:20 -- Okay, lots of cute visuals in the four acts so far, but none of the acts have been outstanding "ooh, this must go through" types.

20:32 -- Golly, the presenter has promised to "shut up at times".

20:33 -- The Switzerland chap looks like a children's TV presenter.

20:36 -- the Czech girl is singing waaay too far down her register, and is being comprehensively drowned by her backing track. Another act in the "very pretty but..." camp.

20:44 -- Hurrah for Latvia! At last a change from the bland-and-pretty that's characterised the preceding nine acts. Jolly Roger steals the show.

20:50 -- I was enjoying Croatia until that bloke in white turned up.

20:52 -- Bulgaria are not Norway, despite their [best?] intentions. Also the two disparate styles of the song itself seem to have nothing to do with each other. Also also, it's another act where they're using the lead singer's outfit to distract the audience from the fact that the song's not interesting.

20:56 -- Denmark's clothing led me to expect The Sideboard Song, but I was destined for disappointment.

21:07 -- Well done Malta. Got to admire any country that enters a song entitled "Vodka".

Right, well I'm hoping that Latvia (for fun) and Malta (for quality) go through, but it was a much weaker field than the first semifinal. Although I'm not going to be actually voting.

Latvia (the pirates) are through. Hurrah!

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