Douglas Spencer (dougs) wrote,
Douglas Spencer

Small personal gestures

Two years and, as Susan's mother writes yesterday: "There are small, personal gestures by which people weave themselves into our lives, leaving an impact we notice most when the routine is rudely interrupted." [...] "Purpose that produces resiliency is not a quick, catchy cliché. It is a statement of intent: who you are and where you are headed. It implies that you have thought long and hard about whom you are, what you appreciate, what inspires you, and what you want out of life."

julia_winolj, frandowdsofa and auntiealice from sheffield_sf are today doing the Race for Life in memory of their three mothers and in aid of Cancer Research UK. If you want to contribute towards that cause you can do so through this page -- and if you're a UK taxpayer you can Gift Aid your donation so that the charity additionally receives the tax you would otherwise have paid to the government.

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