Douglas Spencer (dougs) wrote,
Douglas Spencer

Bracknell Forest

From the leaflet "Your A-Z Guide to Waste Minimisation and Recycling", published by Bracknell Forest Borough Council, page 5, "Bulky Household Waste Collection": "Collection of bulky household items is available to all Bracknell Forest Borough residents" [...] "For more information or to arrange collection, call 01344 xxxxxx or log onto"

Oh good, I can go onto the website and book the collection, which will be more efficient, more accurate, and less tedious than phoning the council offices and talking to someone -- and what's more, it'll save the borough money, and save time for me.

So I go to the website.

From the borough website, "Bulky Household Waste Collection" page: "To arrange a collection, call 01344 xxxxxx."


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