Douglas Spencer (dougs) wrote,
Douglas Spencer

Tales of life in Computer Support

Friday, 10 am ...

*ring* *ring*

Me: Hello?

Client B's MD: Aaurgh, J's machine has died horribly and she can't do any work.

Me: No worries, I'll come in a little earlier than we planned. I'll see you at around half-twelve.

CBMD: Great, thank you.

Fx: *superhero "swoosh" noise*

Me: *works on J's computer, which has toasted its registry*

6 pm...

Everyone at Client B: Right, we're off home, let yourself out.

6:45 pm ...

Me *finally fixes computer, goes to pub*

Monday, 9:30 am...

Me: *phones CBMD*

Me: Just phoning to confirm that J's machine is behaving as she would wish.

CBMD: Well... she's sitting at it, and she hasn't said anything.

Me: That's probably a good sign.

CBMD: I haven't heard a peep. Perhaps she'll express her gratitude to you separately.

Me: Well... we'll see.

CBMD: Sometimes all you get is silence and indifference.

Me: Sometimes silence and indifference is the best you can hope for from a user.

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