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Douglas Spencer

Five sets of answers

Further to this poll, here are the first five sets of answers.

  • WHY... is my first question.
    I saw various other people doing it and thought it was a good idea.
  • WHERE... is my second question.
    I'm currently sat on the sofa in the living room, with the laptop. The next round will probably be on the PDA somewhere in the west country.
  • HOW... is my third question.
    Click here and the rest is easy.

  • Is it going to rain tomorrow?
    Indubitably. It'll rain on everyone at Wimbledon, because Wimbledon is on and the first week was pretty much rain-free and there's an average to maintain. Also it'll rain in Chelmsford, because Essex are playing Yorkshire. Finally, it'll rain in Clevedon, where I'll be at a friend's barbecue for her birthday. Whether it'll rain on you, though, I'm not able to determine.
  • Why did Tesco only have one package of veggie sausages when I need two?
    Tesco have made a judgment about the likely numbers of people seeking to buy veggie sausages, and they're keen to avoid being landed with too much stock in the current climate. They got it wrong, and they're destined to be mobbed by huge crowds of angry vegetarians, armed with unaccompanied mash.
  • Where did my cat go?
    Your cat is hiding and sulking, because it doesn't much like veggie sausages.

  • What is your quest?
    To muck around having a good time, without getting too broke in the process. A key part of this quest is to choose work which qualifies as mucking around.
  • What is your favourite colour?
    I seem to be wearing a lot of black. But I also like purple and green.
  • What is the air-speed velocity of an unladen swallow - oops, I meant to ask what was the last thing you did yesterday before going to bed?
    I don't remember, but it was probably checking the email. Just beforehand, checking the amount of disk space on one of my backup servers. Those two things might have been the other way round.

  • what is the secret of your success with women/men/small furry creatures from Alpha Centuri?
    I avoid being artificial, and I've developed the habit of being nice. Also I'm careful to check that someone is at least a bit interested in me before I engage in hot pursuit, which pushes my average up considerably.
  • if you could go back in time and pick your career again (and given you could have any talent) what would you be working at now?
    I'm really enjoying the career I've got at the moment (dull answer) -- I like mucking about with computers, firewalls, mail servers and DNS servers, and there are a handful of clients who are happy to let me muck aroud with their computers and then go on to pay me for doing so. I already have that talent, and I love it -- so given a free choice, I'd be doing much the same. Hurrah!
  • which fan(s) do you think would appreciate Freemasonry and would be a benefit to the craft?
    The book says that all "just, upright, and free men of mature age, sound judgement and strict morals" are fit and proper people to be made Masons -- that'll encompass quite a few fans, I think. People who appreciate amateur dramatics, people who appreciate allegory and symbology, people who appreciate good company and good works -- they're all people who stand a chance appreciating Freemasonry. Quite a few fans, once again. And given the current state of the craft, people who would take the order seriously and who would stick at it would be of great benefit to the craft.

  • What motivated the recent house clearup?
    I'm typically not very good at keeping the house clean and tidy -- at least, not if it's going to be for my own benefit. So I've had six or seven years of letting it slide. The key factor is having someone else for whom I can keep the place in good order, and who can greet my effort by being pleased with what I've done. So for this question, the answer points very clearly at Julia. Also, finances allowing, there's a reasonable chance I'll be moving in a year or two's time -- and the house will need to be in a saleable condition.
  • You seem to write less on lj these days - why?
    That's probably Julia's fault too -- there's less cause to hang around online when there's someone to hand with whom I can hang around in person.
  • How much work are you getting? Is it enough?
    See what I said above about picking my career... I'm not at all suited to the business of agressively hunting extra work. I've had about forty days of chargeable work in the last twelve months, nearly half of which was in the two months leading up to Christmas. Money is tight. However I'm in the closing stages of acquiring the late Boss B's company from his estate, and when I've done that I'll be able to do a bunch of invoicing through the company for the services it's been hosting since he died, and then I'll be able to pay myself back the £6k or so in hosting charges that I've paid out of my own pocket while the company's been dormant, so at that stage I'll be solvent again and I'll have an income that's a little more reliable.
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