Douglas Spencer (dougs) wrote,
Douglas Spencer

What I've been doing recently

We left off the story of my life at that point when Julia was staying with me, three weeks or so ago, encouraging me into doing housework.

Since then, I've been to the pub in London a couple of times, first for ladymoonray and zoo_music_girl's birthday and later for the Tun. I've failed completely to attend two parties, those hosted by camies and major_clanger. I've been to two special birthday parties, one for each of two people each of whom has reached a round number -- one being Sue (nolj), the other being purple_peril -- both excellent parties, succeeding in spite of the weather rather than because of it. I've been to a rehearsal in anticipation of a Masonic meeting, and subsequently to the meeting itself. I've been to Church Meeting, and this morning I came down to Devon for a few days with Mother.

In a while I'm going to do separate posts about those two parties, and another about that bit of Masonry.

Edited for typo in LJ username

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