Douglas Spencer (dougs) wrote,
Douglas Spencer

Sue's birthday party, July 5th

A week and a half ago, on Friday, I drove down to Sue and Rew's house in Clevedon (a little south-west of Bristol). I met Julia who'd been working in Sue's kitchen for some considerable time already. We sent out for take-away food and sat around talking old toot for the the evening, and then Julia and I disappeared a hundred yards down the road to a hotel overnight.

The following morning we went back to Sue and Rew's and were set to work once more. I accompanied Sue to the butcher's and baker's to collect further provisions, and on my return I spent quite a while in the kitchen where I seem to recall I spent most of the time cutting up spring onions ... no, wait, now I think about it I definitely recall cutting up a red chilli too.

In due course guests arrived, loads of them, and the barbecue proceeded as barbecues do. Rew did most of the barbecuing, out there in the rain under the big umbrella, while the rest of us cowered indoors drinking too much and talking bollocks.

Back to the hotel, tired and confused, at about 1am -- and down to breakfast far too early the next morning.

And then off to Sue and Rew once more, to help clear up and finish off stuff, and field the leftovers as directed by Sue... so I ended up with eight unused burgers to take home on Sunday afternoon.

Happy birthday Sue, a nice round number.

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