Douglas Spencer (dougs) wrote,
Douglas Spencer

All about Buffy's senility

Buffy is Mother's cat, a Maine Coon or close relative, and she's very very old.

Her lungs and heart still seem to work okay. Her liver still seems to work okay. Her digestion still seems to work okay, although she's only about two-thirds of her old fighting weight, and her teeth are okay. She still seems to be able to get up onto stools and chairs, and to get down off them afterwards. In fact, most of the things that seem to stop working in other cats still seem to be working in Buffy.

But she's totally deaf, and very nearly totally blind (although she can see food or furniture or people when they're close enough to block out the sunlight), and seems to be terribly confused most of the time. When she wants attention from someone, she'll stand in the middle of the room making "baah baah" noises like a sheep until someone comes and strokes her, at which point she'll forget whatever it was she was complaining about. And last time she had an anaesthetic it took days and days for the dopiness to clear.

But despite all that she seems to be relatively healthy... just deaf, and nearly blind, and confused, and very very old.

Very very very old.

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