Douglas Spencer (dougs) wrote,
Douglas Spencer


I'm at the Edinburgh Fringe for a few days. By the time I leave the city in a few hours time, I will have seen the following:
  • Mon 19:30 Richard Herring "The Headmaster's Son"
  • Mon 22:40 Ian Stone "Where's the Down?"
  • Tue 14:10 "On the Island of Aars"
  • Tue 18:15 Tim Vine "Punslinger"
  • Tue 19:40 Jerry Sadowitz "Comediam, Magician, Psychopath"
  • Wed 13:30 Madira Murray "The British Ambassador's Belly Dancer"
  • Wed 15:40 Tim FitzHigham "Flanders and Swann: At the Drop of a Hippopotamus"
  • Wed 18:00 Tim FitzHigham "The Bard's Fool"
  • Wed 21:10 Carey Marx "Careyness"
  • Thu 13:05 Rich Hall "Fifty-Cent Words"
  • Thu 14:40 Andy Zaltzman "Boldly Unbuttons the Cloak of Civilisation"
  • Thu 17:30 Lynn Ferguson "The Plan"
  • Thu 20:00 Bill Bailey "Tinselworm"


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