Douglas Spencer (dougs) wrote,
Douglas Spencer

Party reminder for Saturday

Repeated from julia_winolj's journal:
    If you are attending you need to bring:

    Whatever you are intending to drink (except for ordinary tea, coffee, tap water);
    Whatever protein you are intending to barbie;
    If you are intending to swim, a swimming costume, a towel and your choice of inflatable friend;
    If you are intending to stay the night, something to lie on, in or under (my Dad has got rid of lots of stuff recently so spare bedding is at a premium - and I got here first!), and also your choice of essential toiletries;
    Your sense of humour;
    Your sense of fun;
    Your common sense;
    If you are staying for breakfast, have you let me know? Some people have asked about paying accommodation - my only suggestion has been The White Hart in Beaconsfield Old Town, but I've no idea of costs or other details.

    I will be at the house from Thursday if you need to contact me and Doug is available on his usual mobile number.

    Looking forward to seeing you all there.

    Love & hugs

See some of you there.

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