Douglas Spencer (dougs) wrote,
Douglas Spencer

It's not just computers...

It's not just computers that I fix.

My new car ...

My car, which is six and a half years old, wouldn't start today. Three or four times over the last week or two it's done the "do we really have to do this" act first thing in the morning, but has managed to start anyway. But this morning it really didn't want to know -- it turned the engine over wearily a couple of times and then resolutely went back to sleep, refusing to do anything at all.

So I've been down the road to Halfords and got myself a new battery, and fitted it. And now it starts eagerly, just like it used to. Hurrah!

Six and a half years and 108,000 miles on the first battery, I really can't grumble about that. But carrying a new battery half a mile home from the shop, that was hard work.
Tags: car

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