Douglas Spencer (dougs) wrote,
Douglas Spencer

Hogarth Lodge no. 3396

I've just had my first Christmas Dinner of the season, courtesy of the team at the Newton Arms, and it was really jolly good.

Fragment of conversation, post-meeting and pre-meal:
- "And the third one was Bettie Page, a bondage/fetish model from the 1950s."
- "How come you know all about bondage/fetish models from the 1950s?"

In other news, I've been told that I'll be in the chair for our next meeting on February 13th (just one meeting, don't get excited) and while we don't actually have a ceremony lined up it might be good to have a visitor or two... So if any suitably-qualified Brother wishes to visit they might wish to get in touch.

And in other other news, our centenary meeting is coming up. Grand Lodge (in whose hands it lies) have yet to give us the date, but it'll be some time shortly after October 8th 2009 and might well be on the Friday of Novacon weekend. I'l be casting around for visitors for that meeting too.

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