Douglas Spencer (dougs) wrote,
Douglas Spencer

A letter to my MP


To Andrew MacKay

It's unusual for me to write to you in this way, but having met you at a couple of constituency association events I'm confident that you'll read what I have to say and take it seriously.

As a conservative I believe in "small" government, a government that avoids being excessively intrusive into its citizens' lives, that doesn't attempt to seize powers unneccessarily. I also believe that personal privacy is important, and I further believe that one of the key functions of legislation is to protect the people from the actions of government.

I've been watching the debate about ID cards (and, crucially, the scope of the underlying database) with some unease -- and I'm worried about the repeated attempts of the current administration to obtain unfair access to personal data, and the lack of suitable provision for the subjects of that data to have it checked, corrected and/or deleted.

Now I read that the Ministry of Justice are seeking to amend the Data Protection Act to facilitate exactly the sort of access I'm so worried about.

Please take some time to study the Coroners and Justice Bill (due for its second reading on Monday) and in particular the information sharing clause hidden in part 8. It's important that this matter receives proper scrutiny, and as one of your constituents I'm asking you, my MP, to help the law to protect all of your constituents from the intrusive scrutiny of the current administration.

Thank you for your time reading this letter.

Yours sincerely,

Douglas Spencer

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