Douglas Spencer (dougs) wrote,
Douglas Spencer

I have too many books.

I have too many books. I have too much of all sorts of stuff, but for the moment I'm talking about the books.

Some people occasionally do a "free stuff!" post, and their friends can offer to take said stuff off their hands. There's an implication that said friends are going to bump into said people, for example at a pub or convention or simply by being within easy visiting distance, within a reasonable timeframe.

Poll #1340071 Too Many Books

Is it worth my while doing one of those "free stuff" posts with lists of books?

Yes -- I'm often near London or Reading or Sheffield and delivery/collection would be easy
Yes -- I'm rarely near London or Reading or Sheffield but for good stuff I'd appoint a proxy or make the effort
Yes -- I share your too-much-stuff pain and have found this technique helpful in the past and believe you would do the same
A wise person once said "it doesn't count as decluttering if you just pass it all over to friends"

It's 1:10am. Can you tell I fail at sleep?

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