Douglas Spencer (dougs) wrote,
Douglas Spencer

Snow, Supermarket, Salmon, Starbucks,

With apologies to friends in Scotland grousing about their almost-complete lack of snow...

This morning there was snow about a half-inch thick on the pavements (even where no-one had trod on it yet) but about six-to-eight inches deep on the grass and on the cars.

I cleaned the car off, very easy since the snow was light and fluffy and highly mobile, and toddled down the road to a nearly-deserted Sainsburys. The main roads were clear, but my first forty yards from the house to the first main road was hard-packed snow and the supermarket car park was a morass of snowy sludge.

In the shop I found them selling salmon at better than half price, so I got a laughably huge piece (the whole of the right-hand half of a fish about half a metre long) for a fiver, which was very pleasing. I know I had salmon yesterday, but it's good for me and I have it with salad so that's okay. But they had no focaccia, so I've got naan bread as an approximate substitute which is a little odd.

And Sainsburys Starbucks have finally run out of gingerbread goo, so I'm back on plain old coffee, boo.

In other news, I'm ruthlessly offering to other people stuff I've attempted to Freecycle and for which my first choice of taker has failed to reply. There's quite a lot of that behaviour, I understand.

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