Douglas Spencer (dougs) wrote,
Douglas Spencer

Weekend activities

The chap came with my tyres at around 11am, and he was all done by noon.

So at about twenty past, I set off driving to Sheffield, and I got to julia_winolj's at not-quite-4pm. We greeted each other warmly and then hopped on a train to the centre of town, and stumbled up the hill to the hotel.

At the hotel my card was declined. Odd, that. So I paid on Julia's card.

Dinner, in a very elegant Italian restaurant, was jolly good. At one stage I found a piece of melon that was shaped exactly like a City of Sheffield litter bin. There was shared-platter seafoodish starter, there was risotto and pasta, there was shared-platter desert. There was water, there was wine, there were liqueur coffees. They suggested the Valentines Special Cocktail -- strawberry puree and vodka -- but we declined.

Then back to the hotel for the sorts of things you might want to do if you go back to a hotel after Valentine's night dinner out.

Back to Julia's this morning to collect kit, then off to the gym. Fran -- Butch is doing the class on Wednesday morning 11:15 if you're up for it. Pizza Express for lunch, then back to Julia's once more, where a little bit of research including a phone call confirmed that the charge against my card for the new tyres had gone through twice, hence the failure last night. Halifax confirmed that KwikFit are idiots, and it's all been reversed again.

Julia went upstairs for a siesta while I was talking to the bank, and now that I've typed this I think I'll pop up there and see if she needs waking up.

Busy social whirl midweek, and Redemption next weekend, so I imagine I'll see some of you soon.

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