Douglas Spencer (dougs) wrote,
Douglas Spencer

A helpfull message for those confused at the Tun

I've been at the Tun, and many people are confused.

To those who asked what I was doing ths weekend, and to whom I mentioned a visit to the Yorkshire Playhouse: this was not a reference to julia_winolj's house, but rather a theatre in Leeds where Lenny Henry is playing Othello.

To those who asked what I was doing at Eastercon, and to whom I made reference to "sex, pain and chocolate": the sex panel is a turkey-reading of poorly-written sex scenes in SF; the pain panel is a Violet Wand demonstration; and the cocolate thing is a major event including a talk on the science and history of chocolate

To those who read, and were confused or intrigued by, my t-shirt: see

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