Douglas Spencer (dougs) wrote,
Douglas Spencer

Where am I?

Here's a position statement: I'm not going to quit LiveJournal, it will still remain my default journalling site.

However, I'm going to be posting my creative output over on Dreamwidth -- things like poems and fanfic. I won't be importing this journal over there, but I'm likely (later) to re-post some of my old work over there, in backdated entries so they don't pollute your reading page.

So I'm now to be found at:

LiveJournal -- here, my main journal.
Dreamwidth -- where I'll be putting poems and fiction.
DeadJournal, Inksome, InsaneJournal, JournalFen and Scribbld -- other LJ-codebase sites where I've bagged my name but haven't really done much recently.
Twitter, where I tweet at very random and unreliable intervals.

Plurk and Vox -- two sites I used to use but stopped because, well, because they're crap.

I also have a facebook account under my real name and home town, but it spends most of its time deactivated.

There's a second post accompanying this one, filtered, containing contact information: If you can't see it and you think you should, then ask to be added to the filter.
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