Douglas Spencer (dougs) wrote,
Douglas Spencer

Birthday celebrations

Julia came down to my house on Friday night, arriving while I was busy with the blue-apron brigade in Henley-on-Thames in order to greet me when I got home.

On Saturday afternoon, we went to stefzilla's house where celebrations were afoot in aid of both his birthday and jamesb's. This was all jolly good -- there was barbecue, there was beer, and there was a great deal of Wii-ing.

On Sunday we drove up to somewhere between Chester and Wrexham to find the Llyndir Hall Hotel, arriving at about half-three. We joined approximately a hundred mad Irish people hiding in wait for the arrival of Theresa and Michael (WANOLJ) in order to spring a surprise party for Theresa's sixtieth birthday. She arrived at around five and the drinking/singing/dancing and the telling of hugely-unlikely-but-nevertheless-true tales commenced twelve to fifteen seconds later. In traditional Irish Birthday Party fashion the party continued until about 3am, with the last person to retire being the birthday girl's 71-year-old sister. After breakfast (for which we were down in time, but which Theresa and Michael missed by three minutes) we were persuaded to go round to the eldest daughter's home the following day [Monday] for lunch, a meal which was served in several bottles and lasted until 9pm. We finally got home at about noon on Tueday, just barely twenty hours late.

There's lots more to tell about the people at Sunday/Monday's party, but the maximum size of an LJ post is insufficient to do it justice.

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