Douglas Spencer (dougs) wrote,
Douglas Spencer

Dutiful Son...

Mother's birthday today. She started the day by philosophising on her life so far, how life at 24/48 compared to today and, after I'd pointed out how very composite 72 is, how life at 18/36/54 compared to today. It seems that nothing interesting happened at 54.

Birthday present -- an apron from the National Trust bearing a crest and the legend "Her Laydship" -- was received with initial confusion, but after I'd pointed out it came with stifffening card (good for scoring Scrabble games in an emergency) and in a plasic bag just a bit bigger than A4 (good for storing bits of paper for meeetings) all was well. And then she thought she might use it for Church Fayre (which she's organising) as it has two large pockets on the front... so that's okay.

Goodness me, up and posting befor 8:15, what is to become of me.

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