Douglas Spencer (dougs) wrote,
Douglas Spencer

Things I'm not doing...

Any second now, I'm just about to not go to the Sheffield Group Friday Pub Meeting.

Tomorrow, I'm not going to go to the BSFA/SFF AGM in London, and I'm not going to continue on to the Vegetarian Barbecue in Croydon -- in each case because I've already undertaken to spend the weekend with Sue and Rew, just the other side of Bristol.

But I'm not going to go to Bristol tomorrow either -- Julia and I have cancelled with our hosts because we're still not right following the lurgy which struck while we were at Mother's last weekend.

The great theory is that I was spending the last couple of days here at home catching up with paperwork, laundry, cleaning and so on -- but I'm extremely disinclined to do any of that while I still feel so grey.

In other news, I'm convinced that Victoria Azarenka is trying to make up for the loss of the vocal stylings of the late Michael Jackson. And I'm secretly quite amused that one of the players at Wimbledon today is called "Mardy Fish".

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