Douglas Spencer (dougs) wrote,
Douglas Spencer

They say it goes in threes...

First, the electronics goes wrong on my car. ("My car crashed" -- "Have you tried rebooting it?" -- "Yeah -- it works fine for about four minutes then it crashes again")

Then my cable TV and cable Internet -- two separate lines feeding two separate units from two allegedly independent feeds -- both go down simultaneously. And the call centre tell me that my STB and my CM both developed a fault, independently and simultaneously, and they each need a site visit from an engineer, both of which can be done simultaneously by the same bloke. He's booked for Thursday morning. 45 minutes later I get two simultaneous (yet independent) text messages telling me that the fault is regional, not local, and they're cancelling my bi-capable engineer. Meanwhile I'm posting by handset.

And now I discover that my DrUId has a failing hard disk. Not that I'll lose anything, since the disk is only used for cacheing, and not that I can use it when I'm offline, but anyway. Boo.

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