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Hurry up and wait

At the client site in Paris, treading water as it were.

Troublesome-software version 6.5 is troublesome.
I have a copy of troublesome-software 7.01 and have installed troublesome-software 7.01 Host on the workstations.
However, I don't have the install-key for troublesome-software 7.01 Gateway, so I can't install it on the gateway machine.
I call my man in London, who has an install-key for troublesome-software 6.5 Gateway, which I have already. It won't work with troublesome-software 7.01.
I call my man in Copenhagen, who has an install-key and the CD for troublesome-software 7.5 Gateway.
7.5? Is that what we want? Apparently, yes it is. Troublesome-software 7.01 Host and troublesome-software 7.5 Gateway.
So he's going to copy the install files for 7.5 Gateway onto my server. Later. When he's finished downloading stuff from Novell.
Then I can install it and see if it's still troublesome.

So what can I do in the interim?
Go on, guess. It involves the letters "L" and "J".

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