Douglas Spencer (dougs) wrote,
Douglas Spencer

My car is up and running again.

I've got my car back.

Quotation from main dealership in Reading:
    Supply and fit new gearbox: about £3000.

Work actually done by Nephew's Workshop in Warmington-on-Sea:
    Remove, rebuild/recondition and refit existing gearbox.
    Supply and fit new clutch and new flywheel.
    Supply and fit new cam-belt.
    Supply and fit new front pads and disks.
    Replace both drop arms on front suspension.
    Oil change, new oil filter, new air filter.
    Whatever else he thought was a good idea at the time (mostly wiper blades and light bulbs).
    Grand total: about £1400.

Everyone should have a nephew who is a car mechanic. It's a system that works very well, and I should have thought of it sooner. Well done to Richard for pointing it out.
Tags: car

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