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A survey obviously aimed at writers of fan fiction ...

You can see all my user pictures here.

How many icons do you have in regular rotation, for your livejournal posts or for other similar fannish activities?
I have fifteen icons, thirteen of which get used regularly.

How did you choose them?
Six of them are pictures of me doing something relevant to the post in hand -- others vary, see answers below.

Do you associate different icons with different moods? Different fandoms? Different post topics? Something else altogether? Or do you just rotate them at random?
Different moods, different topics. I rarely make posts specific to a fandom, but I often use the picture "unbearded" to post fiction because it's an illustration someone did for one of my stories.

What are your icons images of?
Mostly of me, or of objects associated with stuff I do. There's a picture of Jeremy Hardy for when I'm being political.

If you've chosen landscapes or inanimate objects to iconify, what, if anything, do they represent for you?
Two examples of this: There's a packet of biscuits to signify that the post is to do with computers and that all my geekery is "powered by hobnobs" in the same way that websites advertised that they're "powered by apache" and so on; there's a picture of a Past Master's Jewel to signify that the post is related in some way to Freemasonry.

If you've chosen text, what's the source? Is it something you're fannish about?
The "powered by hobnobs" is the only such icon. I suppose that I'm a fan of hobnobs, it's true, but more powerfully I'm a fan of computers.

If you've chosen images or manips of yourself, are they images that might enable a stranger to recognize you if she saw you on the street? As a corollary, do you post under a persona (fannish or otherwise) or under your real name?
I hope that I'm recognisable. Certainly people have recognised me from userpics in the past. And I post as me, with my real name, my real persona, my real personality.

If you've chosen actors/singers/media characters, are you iconizing the character or the actor, or do you regard that as a spurious distinction?
One example of this: Jeremy Hardy is a politically active humourist. He's too left-wing for me to identify with. Blame swisstone: he started it. There's a picture of Jerry too, because he looked drunk, but as soon as I can find a picture of me looking drunk it'll get replaced.

Do you identify with actor or character images in your icons? If so, do you identify more with images of actors, or images of fictional characters?
Doesn't really apply.

If you identify with actor/character images in your icons, does it make a difference whether the actor/character in question shares your race or gender?
Ditto. JH is a white British male, but that's pure coincidence.

Do you have multiple fandoms? If so, do you have icons for each fandom?
I do, but none of my icons are fandom-specific.

Do you make your own icons? If not, how do you get them?
I do. I am the PSP king. Although there are a couple of icon-builder sites out there for South Park and Lego. I seem to have lost some of those links, but one of them is here.

Do you notice "icon families," like the range of "Zen Fen" icons on livejournal these days? If so, do you have reactions to them? Do they make you feel included, excluded, or neither?
You've lost me. No idea what you're talking about.

Do you think icons or icon families show fannish status? If so, how?
Status? That stuff you earn from the content of your posts? I'm at a loss for how icons can show that.

Are there celebrated/popular icon-makers, as there are celebrated/popular fanwriters and vidders? If so, how is their popularity measured?
There are. Look at the amount of feedback they get.

Do you recognize friends or acquaintances by their icons? Do you associate certain images with certain people?
Oh yes. It's getting harder now that a few people have started using Jeremy Hardy for their politics. Now missfairchild has a picture of swisstone, which is strange. hawkida once claimed to be confused by one of my "powered by Hobnobs" posts because she thought it was from ang_grrr. And someone who isn't flick is using a very Flick-like icon at the moment, but I can't remember who just now.

Do you use icons to comment on the state of your fandom or your fannish obsessions?
No, but I use them to comment on my state of mind. In particular, there's a "dark" userpic with a stormy sky in the background for when I'm in a dark mood. Other icons flag specific topics.

Anything else you want to mention about your iconage?
Ask in the comments.

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