Douglas Spencer (dougs) wrote,
Douglas Spencer

The joys of freecycle.

I'm sending the following message to my local list:

    OFFER: Very very old laptop

    This is an old laptop. This is a very very old laptop. You might think it's a long time ago that Tony Blair took over as Prime Minister, but that's just peanuts to how long ago this thing was built. If this laptop was human it could get married without its parents' consent.

    486DX processor, 50 MHz.
    Standard 8MB RAM, additional 8MB card, 16MB total.
    1300MB HDD
    3.5-inch floppy.
    9.5 inch screen, 640x480

    There's a trackball (not builtin, it clamps onto the side of the laptop) and I'll throw in a network card (but I don't have any drivers for it).
    There's no CD-ROM and no USB, but there are two PS/2 style connectors for a keyboard and a mouse, together with one parallel and two serial connectors.

    The battery life is just under a quarter of a second. It weighs nearly half a stone.

    There are three places where bits of the plastic casing have broken off and been lost -- the cover of both PCMCIA slots, and the cover of the hard disk drive bay.

    I've put DOS 6.22 and Windows 3.11 on it, to prove to myself that it actually works... although the lack of drivers for the trackball and network card places a severe limit on the already tiny level of potential usefulness for this device.

    If you're excited by the prospect of getting your hands on this machine, you really need to re-examine your appetite for supefluous technology.

    Free to a good home. Best of luck with it.


So am I over-egging it?

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