Douglas Spencer (dougs) wrote,
Douglas Spencer

Forthcoming birthday party

As some of you will already be aware, there's a birthday party coming.

It'll take place on Saturday September 26th in Bracknell, starting in mid-afternoon (oh, say 3pm-ish) and going on until late. The address is available here -- if you're coming and discover you're not on that filter then comment and I'll fix it.

For drivers, Bracknell is mid-way between M4 Jn 10 and M3 Jn 3 -- parking is in demand so please arrange to share a car, and be sensible when parking. Public transport types will find Bracknell about twenty minutes from Reading or an hour from London Waterloo on the line which joins them.

The intention is that there will be a barbecue for people to burn things on. There will be other things to eat, and things to drink. There will be some music and some conversation. And, crucially, for those people who want to do so there'll be an opportunity to head out into the garden armed with saws, secateurs and flamethrowers to try and make some sort of improvement. Those people who want to hide inside, pointing and laughing at the workers, can do so without penalty.

I'll be providing everything necessary for the barbecue other than meat, but if you're a meat-eater then do please bring something along to burn. Don't be shy about eating someone else's meat, but conversely don't be surprised if someone else eats what you've brought along.

Similarly I'll be providing tea, coffee, milk/sugar, and unlimited quantities of tap water -- but if you want to drink something else then by all means bring something along. Once again, be prepared for some bring-and-share.

I have a small quantity of crash space if you find you need to stop overnight afterwards -- but some of it has already been booked. I have details of a nearby (5mins walk) inexpensive hotel if that's going to be useful for you.

If by some misadventure you can read this and your partner[s] can't, you should behave as if they were also invited. Also, if you want to bring your children with you they're welcome to come but you need to be aware that conversation may include adult topics and won't be moderated on their account.

So please let me know if you're coming along, and if you're hoping to book some crash space.

Douglas Spencer

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