Douglas Spencer (dougs) wrote,
Douglas Spencer

Why hasn't all the rum gone?

Some of you will be aware that my birthday is imminent, and I'm preparing for the attendant celebrations.

Some of you will also be aware of a recent discussion in another place about recipes for trifle. I made mention of a trifle incorporating chocolate cake, rum, meringue, and custard.

I thought I'd make just such a trifle. "I wonder," mused I, "whether there's any rum in the house".

Finally, some of you will be aware that I've been doing some major tidying-up around here, and on Wednesday I got as far as the drinks cabinet.

Yes, there is rum. There are, in fact, truly startling amounts of rum. And whisky, and brandy. There are about four litres each of rum, whisky, and brandy -- and some of it is rather nice stuff. There's also a litre or so of vodka, a litre or so of gin, and rather smaller quantities of various other spirits and liqueurs.

Of course this stuff lasts for ever if you don't drink it, so I'm confident that it's in reasonably good condition. If you were debating bringing along a bottle of one of these spirits tomorrow, you might wish to set it aside and instead help me get through my current stock.

There's also a certain number of bottles of wine (sparkling and otherwise) and beer, some of which is quite old and all of which has been stored incorrectly, and any of which therefore might be really quite nasty. But if you're visiting on Saturday, you might be called upon to attempt an assault on this little hoard.

See some of you tomorrow.

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