Douglas Spencer (dougs) wrote,
Douglas Spencer

That birthday party, in full

Happy birthday me, 44 today.

Birthday party last night was excellent.

Big thanks to everyone who came, it was wonderful to see you and I love you all. To everyone who said they'd come and then couldn't make it, I love you all too and I hope you all get well soon and stay in better condition in the future.

Even bigger thanks to those who did such sterling work in the garden, converting overgrown jungle to almost-usable open space and gathering up all the cut vegetation into managable bundles or bags. Extra big thanks to johannes_d who arrived early, did lots of work on the plants growing through the concrete path, and organised efforts elsewhere.

Similarly-sized thanks to purple_peril, who provided three (three!) excellent salads and did lots of washing-up.

Very big thanks indeed to frandowdsofa, who did lots of work helping with shopping and food preparation, and is cooking breakfast as I type.

But biggest thanks of all go to julia_winolj, who co-ordinated the whole project. She did at least half of the work tidying-up the house in the few weeks before the party, and assisted me with hearty encouragement whenever I wanted to abandon the work. She planned the menu, constructed shopping lists and directed operations in the supermarket. She did lots and lots of food preparation and similar kitchen-bound activities. She exhibited unfailing patience and cheerful nature in the face of injury, illness and fatigue -- and in the face of attempted co-operation from a dozy boyfriend.

One of the many, many wonderful things that Julia has done for this party is make two birthday cakes. They were wonderful, really beautifully crafted pieces of art. I posted a picture here, so go and have a look.

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