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Paris: Dinner last night.

I went to a different place last night, chosen for its close proximity to the client's office.
Italian. It's the one facing the huge junction in front of St-Augustin, if you know it.
And they had a thing on the menu which was a selection of four or five different kinds of pasta. It was very tasty.
Except that I always eat lasagne with the fork in my left hand, and I always eat tagliatelle with the fork in my right hand ...
and I had to choose. Which kind of pasta would I eat wrong-handed? Or would I simply keep swapping hands as I passed from one kind of pasta to the other and back again? Would I get progressively more and more irritated until I turned into some kind of aggressive spork-flinging plaid wildebeeste?

Desert was good. Nougat-flavoured ice cream, flaked almonds, chocolate sauce.
So I was a happy chappie until I returned to the office, but that's in another post.

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