Douglas Spencer (dougs) wrote,
Douglas Spencer

Julia's barbecue

Each summer, Julia Daly house-sits her parents' home in Beaconsfield while the remainder of the family go on holiday. As a consequence, she is able to host an annual barbecue, which took place this weekend.
We had about thirty people there this time round. Julia supplies spuds and salad, while the rest of us bring along meat and drinks and other assorted stuff. In common with most events with shared catering, there is an absurd over-provision of stuff and it turns into an eating marathon.
I arrived at about four-ish on the Saturday. I got to within about a half-mile of the house and had to phone for directions, having only been there four or so times before.
Arrived and did the whole standing-around-and-talking bit. Lots of friendly people there. The eating starts at about half-six and goes on until nearly midnight, starts again at about 9am and goes on till I leave at about 5pm.
One wonders why so many of Julia's friends -- myself included -- are so substantial of construction. But not for very long.

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