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Celebrity Big Brother. - Songs of innocence and of experience — LiveJournal [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Douglas Spencer

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Celebrity Big Brother. [Jan. 4th, 2010|12:56 pm]
Douglas Spencer
Eleven housemates. One I've heard of that Julia hasn't, one Julia's heard of that I haven't, two we've both heard of, and seven people we don't recognise at all.

So since it's not fair rooting for someone that neither of us know, she's supporting Stephanie Beacham and I'm supporting Vinnie Jones. For values of "supporting" which include "hearing about it later and thinking is that thing still on?".

[User Picture]From: frostfox
2010-01-04 06:06 pm (UTC)
I would rather gouge my eyes out with a spork than watch the show, this post is about as much thinking about the programme as I will do.

I know who Heidi Fleiss, Stephanie Beecham and Vinny Jones are.
I heard about the cross dressing cage fighter taking on a homophobic idiot, but wouldn't know what his name was.
I have heard of Sisqo but don't know any of his music (if someone said his name, my head would come up, because of Sisko in DS9, obviously. Mmm, Sisko... sorry what was I saying?


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