Douglas Spencer (dougs) wrote,
Douglas Spencer

Snow, Dentist, Plumber

Bah, not half as much snow as we were promised. Hmph.

Last night I went shopping, to buy one loaf of bread, one pint of milk, a small handful of assorted vegetables and a bit of fish.
As a result of panic buying by morons, they had no bread, no milk, and two vegetables (a half a swede and a small butternut squash). Barrowmen *shakes fist* Grrr! No problem with the fish, though. So I bought the vegetables and a bit of fish, and then marvelled at the checkout queues.

The plan today was that I would go and see the dentist, and then the plumber would come and see me.

The dentist just phoned to cancel, I fully expect the plumber to do the same later. In only about five inches of snow. Hmph, as I said earlier.

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