Douglas Spencer (dougs) wrote,
Douglas Spencer

Being Human, Season 2 Episode 1

Some of you will be aware that the second season of Being Human starts shortly, and that the BBC were screening the first episode in the Curzon Mayfair tonight.

Julia and I were there.

Before we left the house we studied the live departure boards at and they seemed to imply that a nearly-normal service was running, so we walked 15 minutes through the snow and ice to the station. However it transpired that since only one train via Bracknell was doing the Reading-Waterloo run (down from a more usual seven or so), six out of seven London-bound departures were cancelled. So we walked 15 minutes through the snow and ice back home.

Since we had heard that the tube really was running normally, Julia drove us both to Hillingdon tube station's deserted carpark, where we had snow for the first 80 yards and the last 130 yards, but were otherwise on clear roads, and we went into London by tube from there.

Before the show people were wandering around the aisles in character, lots of fun. And then the show itself came on, and it was excellent. No spoilers here, but do be sure to watch it. And there were posters for the show dotted around and I've grabbed a half-dozen to pass on to the LFF for auctions and similar activities.

And then we came home. Trouble-free tube as before. Snow in the car park and in my own road but nothing in between, as before. And when we got home the radiators were warm and we made toast.

Hurrah! Sunday 21:30 BBC3

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