Douglas Spencer (dougs) wrote,
Douglas Spencer


Most of you will now be aware that Julia and I are engaged.

You may not be aware that mid-way between her birthday and my birthday, we'll reach the joint age of ninety. In fact, on June 22nd we'll be a day short of ninety years between us, and on June 23rd we'll be a day over.

In order to celebrate our engagement, and in order to celebrate our joint nonegenarianity, there will be a party here in Bracknell on Saturday June 19th, from early/mid afternoon until evening.

Some provision for crash space exists, and there's a budget hotel five minute's (brisk) walk away. Other arangements will follow nearer the time.

[Edit: Crash space booked for Max, Fran+John, Jane, John -- still space for robust/patient types]

The theme (for outfits, accents, grammar etc.) will be "crap superheros". Forward, forward and along!

Who's coming?

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