Douglas Spencer (dougs) wrote,
Douglas Spencer

Fanzine: Ego and Scruples

So I have a new fanzine out, in time for Corflu (last weekend) and Eastercon (in just over a week). It's called "Ego and Scruples".

Quoting from the front page:
    Why "Ego and Scruples"?

    It's Their fault. Blame Them.

    When They heard I was running for GUFF, They said "You'll have to
    convince people you're wonderful. You'll have to convince people you're
    entertaining. You'll have to convince people you're worth having...".

    There was a moment or two of silence, while They gathered Their collective
    thoughts. Then one of Them said "... and you have to administer the fund
    afterwards. You'll have to convince people you're honest and trustworthy
    and reliable, as well."

    "Shut up," I reasoned, and changed the subject. "I'm going to Corflu."

    "Why are you going to Corflu?" They demanded. "It's a convention for
    fanzine fans; you'll have to produce a fanzine of some kind."

    "Will this help?" I asked.

    "What is it?"

    "It's a fanzine of some kind...". (about 68KB)

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