Douglas Spencer (dougs) wrote,
Douglas Spencer

Prospect Estate Agents

Week and a half ago...
    Me: "Please come and value my house."
    Prospect: "When would you like?"
    Me: "How about Thursday?"
    Prospect: "Great. Now, are you looking to buy?"
    Me: "No, not at all, nothing like that, I have no intention to buy another property at this time."

Last Thursday...
    Prospect: "Good afternoon, how are things?"
    Me: "Things are great. This is my house -- what do you think?"
    Prospect: "We think it's worth about £X."

Last Friday...
    Prospect: *snail mail* "Further to our visit, we think your house is worth about £X."

    Prospect: *email* "Buy this completely different house here, it's lovely, only three times £X"

Now, see if you can guess which estate agent I won't be instructing when I come to sell.

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